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Sounds like good game music, but ti's super cheesy. It wouldn't take too much processing on top of those synths to make them sound much less stock

PsiStarOfficial responds:

Ok thanks for your feedback. I'll try to make something better next time (because I agree with you tbh) :)

Not bad. The synths were almost too crispy in that they didn't sound particularly organic, but all the tracks cut well and the mastering and final volumes were definitely on point.

Loose-Rocks responds:

thanks my dude.

it's part of new stuff i've been pumping out.

420 blz

Theres some timing issues in there, but the material itself is still good. Considering the effort involved it's a good turnover.

bipolarmunkey responds:

thanks man. yea my timing was way off in some spots. appreciate you looking past that.

I took a point off for the bass lines. So much melody going on and no vocals, the bass has some extra load to shoulder in a virtuosic instrumental such as this. Amazing guitar players on this, just needs that same zeal on the big strings with lots of metal on them.

DanJohansen responds:

I like where the bass is on the track myself, but I see where you're coming from. Glad you loved the track though man Rock on \m/

I liked how you used good mastering techniques to shape your tones, but the actual composition was a little stock.

TechnoWolf99 responds:

Yeah, I guess so. As I said, it's kinda an experiment, so my next song will probably be better. Thanks for the feedback.

I hate to be a jerk, but this isn't blues. It's country and ambient.

It's good ambient, but frankly,, it's too empty. The blues is supposed to be jam packed with content and lots of FAST foot stomping rhythm .

This is slow.

Not that it's bad, theere's a lot of depth to the reverb and the ambient aspects are quite good. Blues, however, is head cutting music. When the blues is played slow, it's played with many layers. This piece was intentionally sparse.

Don't mind me. I'm from Memphis, and we're picky.
Old joke: How many white guys does it take to make a legendary blues band? Answer: 0

Lundsfryd responds:

I suggest you look up John Lee Hooker's "Tupelo" - if you don't think that is blues then you can call this techno bluegrass for all I care :)
Also I will pretend I didn't see that white guys joke..

1: You sang this in a high falsetto. Your voice would be better served with a more natural key for you. That being said, your tonality is still pretty good. I realize asking you to transpose all of that into a lower key is a bit much to ask.

2: Drums. Yeah, I said it. You have timing issues... not too bad, but drums are your friends, and practicing with a drummer will make you tighter. It will take that uncertain feeling out of your performance, I promise. I refuse to suggest metronomes regardless of how useful they may be; they still don't replace drums. Even bongos.

Overall, I'm impressed. Did you sing and play this simultaneously? If so, good job.

Evark responds:

Nah, my timing would be MUCH tighter if I did sing and play simultaneously. As it was, I gave myself a deadline to get a recording of the song by Valentine's day. You're right though, it might sound better if I actually used my falsetto more/exclusively at this key. Definitely above my comfortable vocal range. My range is probably closer to Bing Crosby than anything else.

I do need to find a drummer to practice with though, that's for sure. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. And, obviously, if you come to Boston we can jam on my buddy's drum set. Thanks for the feedback.

Not quick enough on the uptake.

If this is supposed to be a ringtone, it should IMMEDIATELY SNATCH my attention like a purse from a little old lady in front of a crack house. Instead, it drawls on with a quiet intro, making me miss precious seconds fumbling for my phone in my pocket before it goes to voice mail.

Kirbyfemur responds:

I did change it so that it is much more direct, but you'll probably not notice to much lol.

While crunk, this lacks a big lead.

The beat's crunk, but there just aren't enough big hooks in this song. I kept waiting for the mind blowing part, and it just wasn't in there. There was a bad solo at 1:52, but that's WAY too deep in the song for that to pop up. I wanted to hear that about 30 sec in, and longer.

I think you could kick this one up a couple notches before adding lyrics.

superuberinsaneausm responds:

ive been trying to, my my freind will rap over this someday hopefully someday and ill sing the chorus, your right the song did need a bridge or a breakdown just i had to do this in one sitting and really didnt have enough time to think of something more

Nice layering.

I really like it when someone's capable of making something with a good melody, but ALSO knows how to support that melody with simple supports and applied rhythm technique. The compression on the bass drum was a little weird, but it helped tie the piece together so I can't knock it. I know a lot of european trance music specializes in that.

superuberinsaneausm responds:

thanks, for reviewing glad ya liked it.

Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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