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hearing a recording of yourself can be a very naked and vulnerable moment. It can be hard to accept yourself for how you really sound. You said you were using a webcam which explains why things were so noisy; you probably already know things will sound better on a digital interface where you can plug straight in and cut out background noise. The playing is technically sound, really the best advice I can give you is to accept yourself more and adopt a "good enough for rock and roll" attitude, especially in a partially put together piece like this.

AnEvilHeat responds:

thats true. i am aware of the digital interface thing, i just don't have that on my disposal. i do need to work on that attitude eventually though.so thanks

Very interesting use of polyrhythms. Track always kept me guessing. The steel drums sounded very metallic and punctuated.

Asskick247 responds:

yeah, just sorta put alotta instruments together on an app called BeepBox. i dont play instruments irl, but thanks for the review!

Sounds like good game music, but ti's super cheesy. It wouldn't take too much processing on top of those synths to make them sound much less stock

PsiStarOfficial responds:

Ok thanks for your feedback. I'll try to make something better next time (because I agree with you tbh) :)

Not bad. The synths were almost too crispy in that they didn't sound particularly organic, but all the tracks cut well and the mastering and final volumes were definitely on point.

Loose-Rocks responds:

thanks my dude.

it's part of new stuff i've been pumping out.

420 blz

Moral of the story: If you promise Mitch a handjob if he murders the old lady, you can have her wolfdog and when he goes to jail you don't have to make with the handjob. The gang won't be nearly as impressed because you'll never be able to take credit for the murder, but you'll have an awesome wolf dog to console you.

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

I never kissed Mitch. Maybe it was my little sister?

I feel like you should have found a sacrifice for that pentagram to appease the demon that possessed that man to kill that woman.

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

I knew you would have practical advice.

This is really good. I wish there were more submissions like this. I wish it had more technicality to it, but I'm so happy it's a "real band" that can be forgiven. A few awkward phrases here and there, but a "would clap" band if I saw you guys in a bar.

Scarface responds:

Yeah, the first six songs we recorded weren't our greatest; they're about a year old.

Our newest single "Stop the World" is a lot better sounding in my opinion.

Theres some timing issues in there, but the material itself is still good. Considering the effort involved it's a good turnover.

bipolarmunkey responds:

thanks man. yea my timing was way off in some spots. appreciate you looking past that.

Man, you gotta set that drum loop to the right beat at the proper count. Those drum samples are just not lined up right. There's nothing you can do on guitar to fix that.

thndr responds:

Thanks a lot man, will do! :)

I took a point off for the bass lines. So much melody going on and no vocals, the bass has some extra load to shoulder in a virtuosic instrumental such as this. Amazing guitar players on this, just needs that same zeal on the big strings with lots of metal on them.

DanJohansen responds:

I like where the bass is on the track myself, but I see where you're coming from. Glad you loved the track though man Rock on \m/

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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