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Absolutely amazing work. Definitely at the top of your game. I'm so glad I snooped around and checked up on this.

This was masterful; combining elements of multiple forms of media while at the same time being open and vulnerable about the honest processes behind the creation of the legend. Maybe I haven't been following you as a creator close enough. Keep pumping out content like this and I'll keep watching.

Fucking gold. Timely fucking gold.

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Surprisingly high replay value. A bit of a perfect browser game, cuts straight to the point. Way more payoff to effort ratio than many other great games. Sometimes it's the things that arent' there that make a game great.

Man, as far as small games though, this was about perfect. There seemed to be a deep understanding of the effort to payout ratio, which is something you have to play a lot of small demo games to appreciate. The only way I would have scored it higher is if it had tons of replay value.

Good game, but it could use a tutorial that explains how all the pieces work. It's frustrating trying to understand the upkeep system on mobile units, and it takes a while to figure out how to use castles to defend land cheaply while the expensive ground troops acquire territory.

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Notice at the end when you smell the garlic you can hear the power level increase in your voice immediately. If you want your mustache to curl so much even your boots start to curl, you'll need lots of garlic power.

Aalasteir responds:

Absolutely true! This is all thanks to you FUNK, I bought garlic specifically because you recommended it. I have been enlightened.

This is fucking hilarious.

hearing a recording of yourself can be a very naked and vulnerable moment. It can be hard to accept yourself for how you really sound. You said you were using a webcam which explains why things were so noisy; you probably already know things will sound better on a digital interface where you can plug straight in and cut out background noise. The playing is technically sound, really the best advice I can give you is to accept yourself more and adopt a "good enough for rock and roll" attitude, especially in a partially put together piece like this.

AnEvilHeat responds:

thats true. i am aware of the digital interface thing, i just don't have that on my disposal. i do need to work on that attitude eventually though.so thanks

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Another masterpiece.

When they ban memes, I'm going to need your Spongebob drawing talents on my side for drawing new spongebob memes. The European Union has already passed Article 13. This picture proves you are the one that can save us all.

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

When the meme war is over and we must start again, I pledge my allegiance to you.

I like how the dog looks like he's laughing as the ducks fly past the hunter.

Knowing Duck Hunt reference?

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

I don't think he played it, but I definitely did.

Blood just gushing out the motherfucker, and here I am with an electrical cord trying to tie off the damn artery. You ever be laying by the side of the road covered in another man's blood talking to the cops and your girlfriend breaks up with you? I have.

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