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21 years and it never gets old.

i feel like you wrote this about my life. Also I liked the classic styling.

Dude, fuck yeah. I have not been this happy about a flash in a long time. It's like you didn't give a fuck just enough. Probably maximum effort to enjoyment rating, which is a weird and rare skill.

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Short, sweet, beautifully animated. the only thing that could improve it is to make it longer so I could enjoy it more.

Excellent replay value, much more engaging than you would think on the surface. I still can't beat it consistently, but I like how making different choices gets you different results depending on what part of the game your on. Powerups that repeat are more useful in early stages, but there's greater benefit in just cashing out and bulking up towards the end. The synergy of the different abilities didn't seem to matter much, but then again you couldn't choose which base towers you got so it would be kind of unfair if it did.

Apparently I'm tweaked on enough meth to be australian, because this game runs super fast. Since I'm american, I can only assume this means the game is working exactly as designed. Well done.

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hearing a recording of yourself can be a very naked and vulnerable moment. It can be hard to accept yourself for how you really sound. You said you were using a webcam which explains why things were so noisy; you probably already know things will sound better on a digital interface where you can plug straight in and cut out background noise. The playing is technically sound, really the best advice I can give you is to accept yourself more and adopt a "good enough for rock and roll" attitude, especially in a partially put together piece like this.

AnEvilHeat responds:

thats true. i am aware of the digital interface thing, i just don't have that on my disposal. i do need to work on that attitude eventually though.so thanks

More jazzy than bluesy, but I'm here for it. Blues is crustier and bendier. Still a solid song though.

Very interesting use of polyrhythms. Track always kept me guessing. The steel drums sounded very metallic and punctuated.

Asskick247 responds:

yeah, just sorta put alotta instruments together on an app called BeepBox. i dont play instruments irl, but thanks for the review!

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Another masterpiece.

When they ban memes, I'm going to need your Spongebob drawing talents on my side for drawing new spongebob memes. The European Union has already passed Article 13. This picture proves you are the one that can save us all.

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

When the meme war is over and we must start again, I pledge my allegiance to you.

I like how the dog looks like he's laughing as the ducks fly past the hunter.

Knowing Duck Hunt reference?

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

I don't think he played it, but I definitely did.

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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