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Posted by FUNKbrs - 12 days ago

So the guy who did the Negro Terror documentary showed up to my show with Stay Fashionable last night and filmed us, included @sweat_rockers and Little Baby Tendencies at the Hi-Tone small room.

Am I gonna be in a documentary about local memphis female fronted bands? I dunno. Maybe. Every band in the lineup had a female lead.

I'm apparently still severely mentally ill, and I become more aware of it the more I recover.

I have seen so much fucked up shit. Playing shows totally sets off my PTSD. Keep in mind the trauma that sent me to therapy happened at a show. yet somehow I've consistently played shows, even during the pandemic, the entire time since.

Having super bad anhedonia and dissociation. I'm basically halfway there during a show, using all my energy to rest and hold still, which seems like a paradox. Like going to the bathroom and just shaking after I get set up. It's a lot of pressure, performing for a crowd when you haven't really practiced in a month, being permanently recorded, just playing shows every week or two, doing all your playing on stage.

Like, how crazy do I sound talking about this stuff? I work a boring ass office job all day, then I play a show that's shockingly well attended for a wednesday night during a fucking thunderstorm.

And what do I do? I give the touring band a sack of mushrooms after the show.

Bruh, I am a 41 year old morbidly obese man, getter balder everyday with a corkscrew of hair for a combover wearing a japanese FMW Leather Face Tony Myers shirt based off a Super Mario 3 logo.

At what point does it become so ridiculous even I don't believe myself? I wouldn't believe myself if I met me.

But there's pictures. There's video. Factually, I KNOW it happened.


The sticker on that bass drum is the inverse of the tattoo on my chest, and also my first album cover, and there's John Rash's camera.

I'm thinking about going back into therapy next month, but definitely well before 5-12.

What am I gonna tell the guy?

"Hi, I'm FUNKbrs, and the past 3 therapists I've had have dumped me for being too crazy, 2 of which tried to have me hospitalized and the other one wanted me medicated before even bringing up hospitalization, you're #4 and I need you to tell me I'm fine and nothing was ever wrong with me despite my ridiculous trauma history"

But like, I'M NOT HERE. Like the whole show I'm just watching my hands play all the songs on autopilot. Hard shit. Technical shit. Some part of my brain is doing it, and its not the part that uses my eyes. I couldn't even list off the names of all the songs if you paid me $20, but I can play them all well enough for a dude to want to film it for a documentary about music.

Like for real, the guy who used to live in this head DIED 5 and a half years ago, and I just kinda woke up in his life. I won't recognize people I've known for YEARS in a crowd. It's all just a narrative. I have all these terrible memories but they can't all be true. Nobody could be that fucked up. I'll have a flashback and a whole period of several years, like a whole band I was in, recorded with, and played shows with, that I'd completely forgotten about.

The band Who Shot John? for example. I don't remember ANY of that, but yet I recorded lead vocal of that band with a song I wrote. Like, it's posted on NG.

I don't know, this is a long ramble I guess. You're the one reading my newspost, so I guess you're the weird one for reading it, not me. I lived it. I'm allowed to write about it.

Fuck man I smell blood and kerosene.

There's no reason for me to be this out of it. The anniversary won't be for MONTHS.

But the show went well, fuck.

I better shut up before I say something dumb.


Posted by FUNKbrs - 1 month ago

Spotify – Stay Fashionable EP

Am I famous now? I feel famous.

Fame is when you get to eat bicuits with neckbone gravy for breakfast, right?

Because that's the life I'm living now.


Posted by FUNKbrs - October 27th, 2022

I have no idea who took this video, but this time it wasn't my girlfriend, I promise.

Wait for 2:54 to see one of my infamous "walk arounds" were I literally play a solo while walking around the kit. I also used the forbidden technique called a "bodhran roll" where I play one handed with both sides of the stick.

Or don't, I don't know. Life is confusing and Jerry Lee Lewis didn't die, even though everyone thinks he died forever ago.

Mangos are tasty.


Posted by FUNKbrs - October 13th, 2022

I played two shows last weekend, but I only uploaded video from one of them.

This is my band Stay Fashionable performing the original song "I understand."

Also, my uncle died yesterday.

Posted by FUNKbrs - July 22nd, 2022

It's a solo acoustic version of this song I did like a decade ago:

I am not a hollow shell of a man trying to relive the old days that were objectively bad and only seem good through the lens of nostalgia.


Posted by FUNKbrs - July 17th, 2022

I sing back up vocals on this song.

This is my band Stay Fashionable playing at the Peterson Compound in Millington TN on 7-16-2022

I am very cool and hip and not at all old or insane. Many individual people like me, some even in groups.


Posted by FUNKbrs - May 2nd, 2022


Posted by FUNKbrs - April 11th, 2022



Posted by FUNKbrs - April 7th, 2022

Shit's going all screwy.

Angelo Trussel, the drummer for Walking on Landmines, is moving to Minnesota. He's a great drummer. However, if he's not going to be around, the next first choice who's interested is... me. Shelby, the guitarist for WOL, has a record label called Emotions False records who record in Sun Studios (yes, THAT Sun Studios. It's actually not that expensive to record there). The vocalist Gabriela is apparently super excited I'll be in the band, and I might start brewing hooch again since everyone in that band drinks.

I've already decided to join and had my first practice in this band, and it went well. In the process of courting the opportunity, I also got my other band, Stay Fashionable a gig with WOL while Angelo is still in town. I know it's a stereo type for drummers to be in tons of bands... yeah, it's a stereotype for a reason. With covid restrictions falling and Shelby just living down the street from me, it only makes sense that I'd join his band. So yeah, SF has a gig 4-9 at RockHouse on Raleigh LaGrange in Memphis as well.

That's a lot of music news considering the buried headline on this post, about my experience attending Fool's Ball.

Fool's Ball/Fall Ball are biannual events that happen in north mississippi run by a family of Dead Heads that's been doing it for 20 years. Mark and Donna Christiansen celebrated their anniversary one year by inviting all their musician friends over and getting extremely fucked up off as many substances they could get their hands on. I'm not trying to dry snitch, but I think you'll get my point here.

So me and Jana are camping in our deluxe giant tarp tent bungalo I rigged up using penny tie outs and a massive 20 by 50 tarps tied between my car and two trees. So the first night this dude named DooDoo shows up, screaming about how he's a water sign and he's looking for a female fire sign and he's carrying around this big stick screaming at the top of his lungs. Apparently this dude is tweaking his absolute nuts off on M E DOUBLE F. He keeps screaming that his name's "DOO DOO" and "DON'T STEP IN ME!!!" He keeps screaming the gamer word even though everyone around is pale as the driven snow. dd It's 40 degrees and this dude is running around with his shirt off, gets into some kinda fight with some dudes, and ultimately gets run off later in the night after screaming for like half an hour.

Well we all wake up the next morning, and this dude is still up, tweaking his fucking tits off, trying to climb trees, screaming at God, trying to talk about religion. He's trying to steal coals from fires to get a fire started. He gets a bud light bottle and wraps a hose around it; he later says it's a symbol of his father's love. He comes to chill in my camp a little bit and I humor him, and he starts talking about the Aryan BrotherHood and talking about how he's dutch, english, and Irish, which, last time I checked, makes him a fucking mutt.

I mean this guy is methed out of his motherfucking mind, which isn't actually a common thing at the Ball. Normally people go there to trip and chill and be all groovy peace and love and shit. I roll him a j to try to chill him out, but he only smokes a few puffs. I always take that as a bad sign someone's a serious meth head if weed can't chill out their tweakery. You can always tell the bad tweakers when they don't even like weed because it harshes their tweak. Dude keeps saying crazy shit about religion and tries to introduce me to Jesus and shit, real fucking psychotic shit. I humor him because fuck, it's the Ball, I expect people to be fucked up here. Dude was farting and barking like a dog, doing a really convincing retard impression, all kinds of wild shit.

I'm chillin, just boiling some coffee and trying to heat up some red beans and rice with sausage I'd cooked the night before.

So old DooDoo wanders off, and the dudes he was screaming at recognized him, and they start fighting. This whacko had been carrying around a giant stump all night. So this DooDoo piece of shit and these two guys start beating the dog shit out of eat other with fucking hunks of firewood, everybody's fucking bleeding, it's a real mess.

So this whitesupremacist tweaker fuck gets thrown out by security, and starts telling all these lies about how he's got to pack his tent and leave in his truck, me knowing full fucking well he was begging for a ride down the street to pick up his tent to me less than an hour ago. Well he hims and haws and runs his fucking mouth until they threaten to zip tie him and drag him out. He balls up his tent and takes it towards the stage...... towards a truck that doesn't exist. And the owners of the tent. Those were all just made up psychotic lies he told to delay getting thrown out, after spending all night claiming he was fucking security, picking fights and trying to throw other people out.

So now it's his last stand, and Dookey dipshit made one very large mistake.

The Ball is run by the Dixie Mob.

And the Dixie Mob's enforce is AwGo Fucking WHAT.

That is his name.

Awgo. What.

Awgo what you say? AW GO FUCK YOURSELF.

He's.... he's a formally diagnosed diassociative system, gets a crazy check, the whole nine. Infamously "treats" his PTSD with vast quantities of LSD, and uses meditative exercise for hours on end doing push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and balancing on ropes and juggling axes for fun. The man is an absolute maniac. Old bouncer at every decent club in Memphis, the guy used to do headstand push ups while getting tazed for kicks. The cops are scare shitless of him, and he regularly runs for elected office just to piss off the government. Dude is... not to be fucked with. Built like a brick shit house.

Like, when I got my head scar, at the Rally Point, Awgo was the security guard there.

So Awgo beats the absolute dog shit out of this guy. Awgo has a dixie flag with gay pride colors tattooed on his neck. He does not play any kind of nazi shit. He personally defaced the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue before it was removed. It's not so much that he loves civil rights so much as he hates fucking nazis and loves hippie shit.

Now this righteous mother fucker Awgo kicks 9 kinds of shit out of this piece of shit DooDoo, they zip tie him up like a trussed hog, toss him in the bed of a truck and toss him in the nearest ditch. Later some cops showed up and the dudes he assaulted probably pressed charges.

Oh, and a guy jumped off an overpass on video yesterday in Memphis.

So yeah, I'm doing fucking great. Totally stable. Nothing triggering me at all right now. Not dissociated AT ALL. Nah, a sleepless weekend camping in the cold as fuck eating funny chocolates and tasting tiny stamps while witnessing a violent assault by a tweaked out whitesupremacist didn't set me off at ALL.

I mean, especially not with 5-12 just a little over a month away. Gosh, that event didn't involve any crazy violent assholes.

Yeah, but musically, shit's going great.

Posted by FUNKbrs - March 20th, 2022

Mental health spiraling out of control. I'm gonna get way worse working my way up to 5-12. It's been a pattern for years. I dropped out of therapy because they said I was too crazy to get trauma treatment. Why the fuck should I keep paying them money when for 4 years they did jack shit to help me other that force drugs and threaten to have me hospitalized? it would be different if I was court ordered to be there, or because I was depressed, or because I needed medication.

Yes, I'm well aware people with my trauma history should get diagnosed and treated. But I did that shit for four years and got WORSE. Fuck that shit. Fuck giving them money. Fuck documenting my own imprisonment. I was supposed to document a recovery, not gather evidence against myself.

It's like now I need a therapist to deal with how fucked up therapy made me, but I don't think I could ever do intake again. I've done it twice and it's fucking horrific and doesn't help me one bit. I don't think I'm willing to do intake again to get a new therapist, and my old therapist won't fucking help me.

But yeah, anyways, sleep is a hoax, I'm taking the money I was spending on therapy and spending it on recording equipment. I'm in the best band ever. Eat a dick vultures.