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Short, sweet, beautifully animated. the only thing that could improve it is to make it longer so I could enjoy it more.

Excellent replay value, much more engaging than you would think on the surface. I still can't beat it consistently, but I like how making different choices gets you different results depending on what part of the game your on. Powerups that repeat are more useful in early stages, but there's greater benefit in just cashing out and bulking up towards the end. The synergy of the different abilities didn't seem to matter much, but then again you couldn't choose which base towers you got so it would be kind of unfair if it did.

Apparently I'm tweaked on enough meth to be australian, because this game runs super fast. Since I'm american, I can only assume this means the game is working exactly as designed. Well done.

New update doesn't seem to run on Chrome. New characters don't load and there's nothing to click when the battle starts. I tried reloading the game, and still nothing. I liked the game a lot before the update, hopefully this info helps you dial the update in and get it to where I can run it.

Wombart responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
Sorry for the issue, try to use the reset button at the menu screen (at the bottom right corner).

Been trying for weeks to get a successful game match. The game just doesn't work. I'm sure you worked hard on it, but a game that doesn't play isn't a game. It's got to work. This doesn't. you shouldn't have released this incomplete game.

larrynachos responds:

Great way to test if it actually works is to open two tabs and check to see if you'll connect with yourself. If you're getting the peer quit noise (nyaaag) over and over, that usually means the host is on an incompatible connection. You can check the console for any red errors to see if somethings actually wrong.

So yeah it's functional, just a ghost town :P

I like how the difficulty level naturally increases itself as you piss off more and more people.

Nice proof of concept game. The game play totally works. Obviously it could use some fleshing out, as others have said maybe auto fire or some kinds of power ups, bosses, etc.

The tower defense is a little easy. I keep getting the word on the next to last try though, so the game makes me feel smart even though you can get through all the most used letters in the first three lines. There are worse things in the world than easy games that make you feel good about yourself. Successfully gluing together two half made games into one decent game in two days is pretty slick.

Classic NG assassin game, complete with medals. Well played.

Little-Rena responds:

Yes, I knew you'd like it!

Good mechanics, lots of challenge, strategy. The world map is a little clunky, but the gameplay is fast paced and engaging. As short as it was I thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent challenge to satisfaction ratio.

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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