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Excellent game. The arcade coins system really adds to the replay value. I can't for the life of me figure out how to get the Necromancy orb, though. I like how it combines the best parts of a tower defense and a melee based fighter.

gamemakertim responds:

Thank you! The vampire and necromancer orbs will be available next patch.

Good game, interesting concept, quick and fun...
But saves don't seem to work.
Would be a solid 4 if the saves worked.

zorantronics responds:

We only have it saving the highest level you've unlocked so far, which works for our end. Is this the saving you're talking about?

EDIT: Oh, we've updated this game to a new version. If you've played before sometime this morning, unfortunately we've lost your save data :( sorry!!!

Yellow hitboxes could be acorns, maybe. The wasd movement feature seemed pointless, and the game could work fine as a clicker. The damage animation seemed unrelated to clicking the yellow circles, and there was no health stat I could see.

Music choice was pretty good for the style, and the green on black retro computer feel was on point. I could legit enjoy a more completed version.

ValklingFriendofAllT responds:

Thanks for feedback. I'm playing around with concepts right now. The "Health" stat is that the alarm number in the upper right that goes up when hit and, therefore, gradually makes the game harder and ends sooner. It's a bit weird, but that is just my attempt to keep with this LD theme "The more you have, the worse it is"and will probably reject that post-Compo. I went with the wasd movement for dodging because I want to make this into a more punch-out style boxer eventually. I was thinking of making the red attack be flashing sections of screen that you need to keep the cursor out of to dodge, but then I figured that would make the game pretty much a bullet hell. Not bad but not what I want to eventually do with it.

Not enough LSD

I wasn't on enough LSD to have this game make sense, but it was a good substitute.

C'mon, pox, you're from debaucherous canada. Hook a NGer up with that sweet, sweet 'cid so I can play your game and have it make complete sense.

poxpower responds:

I got bored at like 10% of trying to make that game like a seizure-inducing drug trip :O

If I was a great coder, I could make a game where you just take drugs and the screen gets all fucked up as you play the game and it gets impossibly hard and insane just because the enemies are flying frogs and you're seeing colors like blurple and grue all over the place.

Pretty cool for a tutorial

I don't even have flash, but I was impressed by the things you could do with this technique. Too bad you didn't show how to make a smooth loop where the hovering effect would continue indefinitely.

Capt-Awesome responds:

yeash well using what i have made it shouldnt be that hard to do

Ah, yes, nepotism is GOOD.

OGM!! J00 4|23 734 /\/\4|{3|) |_||-| |=|_45|-|!!!!!

You should put a link in your sig that says: Click here if you are retarded. It would save us all a bunch of time.

n00b: OMG!! BusH iz teh suck!!!

reg: And why is that, exactly?

n00b: Uh, becawse he is teh dum?

reg: Please die, and go to bum's flash.

bumcheekcity responds:

I have got a link in my sig, and i'll change it in a bit. That would be a very goo dway of dealing with n00bs, though :D

You get to kick a frog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*kicks a frog*

*continues kicking frog for 30 minutes*

*has brief heart attack from laughing too hard*

*resumes kicking frog*

Shrike, you are now officially God. Can I be your prophet?

TheShrike responds:

LOL... thanks!
I knew the people on the politics BBS would appriciate this. I'm glad you like it. Keep on kickin!

Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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