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i feel like you wrote this about my life. Also I liked the classic styling.

Dude, fuck yeah. I have not been this happy about a flash in a long time. It's like you didn't give a fuck just enough. Probably maximum effort to enjoyment rating, which is a weird and rare skill.

Let me start this by saying


This is 10/10 the EXACT sort of content I hope to find on NG. I hope this review isn't too useless in that it doesn't point out points for improvement, but remixing free domain 50's vids with animation is EXACTLY the correct purpose of the flash medium .

This is the sort of thing I would expect to see in a film festival competition.

And watch it win.

My only regret was that this was too short.

Well played NGer, well played.

SomeonesEx responds:

THANK YOU very much for taking the time to share your thoughts about it
This kind of enthusiasm is the only thing that keeps me going.

Maximum fivens. That was nearly some Dead Leaves level stuff. I'm definitely excited to see more work like this.

Animation was great. Voice work was a little fuzzy; subtitles might have helped. Seemed like a mic quality issue.

You know, because this is a review, and not a comment.

Just kidding, this flash was some of the best shit I've seen all year. I'd been hoping for some strong content this holiday season, and this submission hits on all artistic cylinders. It's aesthetic as fuck, the message is timely and necessary.

I'm sharing the shit out of this.

Seems like a journalisitically honest and factually accurate prediction of the end times.

I feel more prepared for the future after having watched this.

Amazingly random

I had the most wonderful seizure... it was great. All the flashing colors and whatnot... i wish I was on acid.

Oh, and make a flash with my music... or else.


Nice to see some real regs like F00D get in on some really sweet flash. It was like a postcard from heaven.... or a dirty Russian brothel, I can't really tell which.

In short, anything with ZZ Top in it is awesome. Instant classic.

f0d responds:

ZZ top has some really long ass beards

I missed this series...

It was so cold... so.... cold....

But now it's back, and that's awesome. As a bong smoking little brother, I totally relate to unorthodox elder sibling ownage. Plus, it had a cheezy japanese hair metal song. I mean, you can't beat that, damnit.


You have no idea the things they've made me do... the things they've made ALL of us do! They must be stopped!


Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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