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at the end I figured it out, but there should have been a "mission impossible" style screen that explained what the hell was going on. the animation was...okay... but this was definitly not a cohesive work. if there had been a plot explanation...maybe... but this was borderline crap.

damn, but thats innovative!

hell yeah, real video footage and flash combined! you really have something here. however, the plot, or lack thereof, is a problem. try something more complex, but with the same reality concept. definitely some very new ideas about the use of flash! good job!

aka energizer bunny

good for a laugh. only one, but good for it. a high effort to humor ratio, and thats always a good thing. but why is the guy called mr peace? is that why he's running, because if he holds still a terrorist might kill him? too many unanswered questions if you ask me

good news and bad news......

the good news is you totally kick ass at making sprites and writing plots. the bad news is you need to use a little thing called spellcheck on the dialogue portion, and not to use pussy ass choir music ALL the damn time. THINK PANTERA. otherwise, a little long and boring, but pretty good for ng

Hadji-San responds:

i do use spell check. it seems to me that thats my only problem people point out.

dear non piano playing mo fo

I am a musician, and I would not have admitted to making that music for the file. there is absolutely nothing wrong with using other peoples music, and many a bad flash has been redeemed by stolen music. consider this before you put lame ass keyboards on a short weak flash. By the way I hated dr. katz, and by association, now I also hate you

why is the score so low?

this movie is a 2.5 at least, but at the time of this review the score is only .54! just because the guy didnt put in an automatic play feature doesnt make the flash suck damnit, people need to learn how to use the play command. this movie rocked ballz and its score is a tragedy.

e for effort

sadly, this is the best brand new flash Ive voted on tonight. It had its moments and was not entirely "crappy clock flash" as far as clock flash goes, it was alright. However, clocks totally blow andthis was depressing mainly because of the effort to quality ratio. (I wish that was on the rating scale)

dont stop here

I have seriously considered starting a movement to lynch (yes, I am from Memphis) all child molesters. I like to think of the phrase "justifiable homicide" and the concept of a "jury of my peers" while fondling a hemp rope and thinking of some of the stories I have heard from friends and family members. Keep up the good work!

Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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