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Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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Wow, your a sick individual.

More please.

What the...

In the last book, Caroline ate a placenta. This aint got SHIT on that.

If you like, though, you should probably read the whole series, starting with The Cutting Garden. There's a re-written version of The Cutting Garden available as a .doc, and if you PM me and remind me and more importantly GIVE ME AN EMAIL ADDRESS TO SEND IT TO and you can read the full version of THAT book. It's less than 200 pages, last time I checked.

I admit that this is the first time I've read a piece of the series and I must say, it's not bad.

It's interesting text, that's for sure. At times the absurdity even made me laugh. Nice work.

I'm one of those weird guys that read Stephen King because I thought his books were HILARIOUS. Wait until the rewrites... I normally DOUBLE the number of hooks in my chapters after a rewrite, just because they're so much easier to see.

Will you be angry if I tell you I liked the last book more?

I'm not sure why. This one is good, I just favor the other.

<3 ?

Caroline's a lot harder to relate to now, because she's no longer a normal girl who's life is spiraling out of control, but she's wholeheartedly a part of her surroundings, AND she's becoming more openly bi-polar. Angelia is going to be the avenue for the periods of disillusionment now.

I hate to say it, but I'm actually starting to feel like I'm cramming in WAY too much plot, and it's starting to get in the way. God bless putting up my rough drafts for review or I'd never catch this stuff!
Everyone's a lot less normal... you have a point. Perhaps I should slap in a couple of bar scenes to warm things up? I think.. I think I shall. Yes.

*pets kitten ominously*

Totally man, it's very very good stuff, but what you said...it's almost too much at once. You have a very good idea.

also penis.

I still don't like you.

Did you ban me from the BBS?

I normally sign my bans. However, if another mod decided not to sign your ban, they did it on purpose, so don't bother asking who it was.

Furthermore, PMs work better for this sort of thing.

fap fap fap nope sorry I need more.

I know, I know....

I'm working on the next chapter. I've been kind of mentally derailed lately, doing a lot of music stuff... maybe posting too much on the BBS. I've been making some AWESOME threads recently, though.

I liked the hate sex one.
First one to post ^.^

They should make a musical about this.

You're 27 and you look like a 40 year old.

Would you rather I look like a 13 year old? Age=manly.

Believe me, I could shave and get a haircut and look much younger...

But young people are stupid, and I don't want to look stupid, so... no.

You look like a fat long haired version of my dad.

That's because I AM your dad.

O.o damn. Almost as worst as that time, that i had a scary random dream that i couldn't remember. What have you been shooting?

When will you be able to update this? I'm really wanting the next part.

Aw fux....

Wednesday, next week, definitely. The chapter is 3/4's to the length I want it; I have JUST a little more plot to cover before it's the end of the chapter.