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Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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well written story.Even though you may not be my favorite person, i do not judge work the person, but rather by how much was put into it. Also why are you so angry all the time?

Thanks. I do take some modicum of pride in my writing skills.

As for the "angry all the time" thing... I'm not. I think angry people are stupid. I'm filled with HATE, which is ENTIRELY different. The fact that you can confuse the two at all speaks volumes about the misunderstanding between us. Anger is the polar opposite of lust, hate is the polar opposite of love. Anger is temporary. You can be angry at someone one minute, and want to be with them the next. True hate, however, like true love, lasts forever.

Hate is all that motivates me; it's all that keeps me going. Maybe once you've done enough suffering, you'll understand exactly what I mean... until then, just try to accept that we're fundamentally different and we come from different worlds. I can't expect you to understand when you don't have the life experience I do. Maybe one day you will.

You're right I don't understand and i accept that we are total opposites.But i respect you for however you go through your life.

YES! I love this chapter. and the first sentence won me over, lol

Man, this one took me FOREVER to write, because of instead of using cheesy "OOOHHH!!! MAGIIIIC!!!" descriptions and meandering prologues, I had to find all this crazy symbolism and entendre in normal shit. It was damn near IMPOSSIBLE to have what Pedro decided to do make any sense at ALL in a conversational context, so I shotgunned out a lot of different angles on it so it WOULD make sense.

Next chapter is an action chapter, should come out pretty fast because it's so straight forward.

No porn? Sad face. You promised....

Anyway, nice amount this time. It looks like you put 3 chapters together instead of doing just one chapter. Why not become a writer? These would make awesome novels.
Honestly, incorporate a little more hate of yours into the plot, though. It might speak louder. It's already perfect, but your writing needs to represent yourself. Fill it with yourself, be the writing. Hate makes you up; hate must make up the story.

the porn's in the other chapters. Read'em all for a special surprise!!!!

fuckin bullshit. You shouldn't have killed Frodo like that, but it kinda made me feel good in the pants. Respect brotha

Interesting story.
I thing speeling is mentally five years old.

Then he grabbed his cock, right?