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um, is there a problem with the stereo?

the sound effects were really cool, but the beat lacked a unifying sound. My suggestion? add a house beat under this.

I never thought I'd say this.....

too much bass. I love ya man, but there is a limit to how much bass eq a track needs. Very liquid, liked the stereo Desi voice sample. at least I now know definitively that you ARE using Desi voice. Nobody has the voice fine control the Hindi, do, NOBODY.

night rider feel

build up is a little long. The beat kicks in perfectly when it comes though. I don't like the cd skip technique. It only really works in 8x or 4x. one skip per beat just doesn't cut it. Still, very nice layering.

OMG! was that a Desi sample!?

nice stereo waver. loosens up the piece really nicely. Its a little strong on the left right though. really smooth, lots of groove.

a little cheesey, but your still the man

really bobs the head, man. Too bad your using a lot of techniques EVERYONE uses. Nice crossovers. the tracks mesh nicely, but it ends kind of abruptly.

you scare me, but in a good way.

is that altered voice I hear in there? Nice use of the keyboard. I can't believe you got this kind of efficiency out of the filesize. Just insane beats, man, absolutely crazy. I do get the feeling that your not able to use all the samples you want, though. Try playing some sounds backwards just for the hell of it.

damn good

decent length for the size, nice use of the pitch fadein on the bass. The moan at the end didn't work for me, and the fade out was a little abrupt.

Good stuff though.

argh, the ending lost me....

I think this could have been taken farther, and the quick drift ending isn't working for me. Very trancy and dancy, it should just have one more level to it.....

A little poppy, but I can't knock it

Nice slow groove, well looped, nice simple progression.... Exactly the thing for a little R&B voice over. short, but it works for me.

too fast for my blood

good, but the beat should be slower. The song needs room to groove, brutha.....

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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