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Heh, better than the two more recent ones!

OMG! TEH ARPEGGIOS!!! This one has the worst audio quality, but the best playing so far. I always like everything faster, with more strings being played. After all, minimalism is for bitches, right?

No drone? :(

Damn, I was expecting a drone with something scottish. More fuzz in this one though. Blah blah source volume blah blah signal to noise ration blah blah rf rejection, balanced line cable, m3h A-p3n0r R 13373|2>J00.

omg! c0mpr3ss0r+g4t3+EQ=PWN!!!

(contact me if you didn't understand any of that, but keep in mind that everything I'm talking about costs money. Audiophilia is a damn expensive hobby)

Nice sustain on that acoustic

Sounds like you're using a crappy mic, though. Sorry, I'm a Shure mic freak. It's pretty cool when you try to emulate the quarter tones (that's in pitch, not in time). That's the crazy thing about eastern music. Nice choice of styles, by the way.

Nice use of phaser and stereo

Nice pulse, good rising action, good blending of keyboard and techno elements.

Ask for a review, get one.

I'm doing this as I listen, so it's all first response...

slow build, adding just a couple of layers.... I'm going to assume you're using fruity loops or acid pro...... I'm not seeing a real climax here, although I keep feeling one coming on..... Apparently I'm not going to get one, either. The sound here is really soft, not a lot of impact. A good background track, but with no real meat. I suggest some stutter starts if you can get your hands on them.

blackcat-grl responds:

Thanks for the input, Yeah i used FL i haven't used it in a year or too i'm too busy doing work at the moment... but when i find the time i'll try to improve.

This is great....

Where the hell was this recorded? It's very high quality, specifically in the production of the vocals.

Nice piece

Pretty cool. Is that a program made or live drum kit? It's got lot of weird sound qualities, and as a drummer it baffles me.

areyoureadyEddie responds:

no it's a programme for the drums.

Not bad for a first effort...

A little gamy though. But that is still pretty appropriate. The last note goes on for a little long, though.

It's pretty cool to see the improvement from this early submission.

Zephyr responds:

Yes, your right. It is pretty gamy. The ending does drag on for quite a while, but the effect i was trying to create for the whole peice is intact.

I have really improved from this peice, i now have a clearer understanding of the effects i try to emmit from my music. I am working, hard.

Thank you for your review. I am very pleased you rate my work an 8.

Thank you again. :)

nice long builds

Good slow rising action in this piece. A little patience always pays off when if comes to climbing action.

Zephyr responds:

Yeah, sorry. The beginning does drag on a bit. But i think it builds a suspence pretty well. The crescendo does work well also. Thank you for the review, im glad you liked it. I am really happy with the overall rating that you have given. Many thanks.

Nice effort

I really like the changes in this one. Are you using a program, a keyboard, or a hybrid?

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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