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The beat was a little "drivey", but the breakdowm was great. I'm assuming you're using keyboard for bass and drums, and a real guitar? Damn good work though.

Magknot responds:

Thanks a lot man.

very 8-bit.....

very slow, kind of casio-y. Is this layered? There's definitly some good runs here.

Adam-Beilgard responds:

Four years later, he wrote:
Yeah, not meant to sound like an NES track, but this was done using Finale 2002b's MIDI sequencer. I'm working with 2007 now and the playback is much more authentic. Look for some bigger (and better) projects soon.

needs accompaniment....

Just guitar... no layering at all....
You have MIDI and a keyboard, right? It's pretty easy to layer MIDI with key board drums. However, I could *do* something with this, given the proper encouragement and a longer sample.

Adam-Beilgard responds:

I do wish the quality was better, but it's supposed to be sparse. I personally don't want to clutter something up just to give it a 'beat'. Thanks for the comments, see you in four more years!

good shit, man..

This is quite a bit like the Down Shock stuff, only downshock has much more guitars and is a little less techno. Also, there is a serious anti-machine age nihilistic thing going on in the lyrics in downshock.

Remisser responds:

anti-machine in a machine based world. Got to love it. Thanks for the response.

oh, how it grabs the ASS!

This is EXACTLY what I want! bass, snare and synth, and god intended tcchno to be. Just add one more layer of treble, man, preferably voice.

nice runs....

Good synth work here, man. As always, I exhort you to plumb the depths of your sound with extra layers. I'm getting the feeling you only use two tracks?

a little electronic to be in "jazz"

As a guy who plays jazz, this is missing a few key elements. First, you need a swinging ride. Second, you need a nice "knock" sound. You got the bass, but you also need some horn synth to really fill out the genre.

MMMmm.... Low end YUMMY.....

This still needs a backbone, though. A straight pulse bass is your friend, and stutter snare rolls add new depth to your builds.

not enough layers....

Your missing a LOT of low end here.... Remember, traditional drum sounds are traditions because they work. Badass rhythms, but don't forget your roots, man.

ooh, a nice long one

build is a little slow... footsteps of an alien creature in the distance... quiet, a little TOO quiet.... now alien voices are heard along with footsteps......

argh, I had to turn my speakers up all the way, but this IS quite pictruresque.

Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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