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New wave, soft and fuzzy.

This is the kind of music the people in the 80's hoped like hell we'd be making now.

Very warm, very tube, came on a little slow and never really just hooked me, but it got cool and stayed an even cool, and that's not easy.

I feel you could have a pronounced low end bass line, though. It's like you just cheated the bass by using fat tubes and reverbs to fill in the low end.

johnfn responds:

You're right, I did totally cheat on bass (I didn't even think of that). I am usually pretty lazy with bass, I'll work on that next time. Thanks for the review.

Great use of voice.

The vocals had a lot of flavor; they weren't just notes.

Lots of depth, lots of well though out layers.

Definitely kicked ass and sounded thoroughly professional.

Stalagmite responds:

well i say! proffesional just like your well written review!!!
its truly uplifting to see your interest in this song! ^ ^ thanks so much for the compliments and the fantastic vote! *hugs* thanks alot buddy, thank you!

Harshness a signature?

So far I've heard two of your tracks... both overly harsh on the ear.

There's so much more to the palette than just crispness... like how redstripe beer goes with fish, but Negra Modelo goes with beef. There's got to be a balance, otherwise the track. My fast dirty suggestion is paying more attention to the EQ and adding mids and lows to the harsh tracks.

Too subtle and dry

The mix is WAY too harsh on the ear, like it was over mastered. The riffs are all too low in the mix, so even though there's bad ass shit going on, it's dulled by the stock parts of the beat. I suggest a little more fuzz and some verb to smooth things out, and bringing the volume of the stutter beats up in the mix.

Basically, you need more warmth to balance out all the harshness in the loop. Everything's too sharp sounding; it's very abrasive to the ear.

I knew you preferred it gay...

I love it how you included all the little fuckups to make every sound honest... nice.

Rucklo responds:

the fuckup-sounds ARE honest. hey btw buddy, did you turn into a zombie yet? :O

A little too soft on the ears....

Don't get me wrong, very good song, but you don't seem to be ...pushing... things hard enough. The core is VERY strong, but I get the feeling some really kind of out there ...


ok, there's this bridge, between speed and white noise... take any rhythm, play it fast enough, and you get staticy sounding white noise, right? Well tonaly, you're using PLENTY of white noise, but you AREN'T bridging that gap, so in my head, there's this empty space... like things are too soft. BUT IT'S THE UBER FAST QUICK LICK RIFFS I'M MISSING!

Like, the point of slow beats is to have more space for flashy quick ornamentation, right? Having a really warm, tube-tone is supposed to soften up all the dynamic of crazy ass break core snare shit.

I mean, VERY good, but I noticed this....

Nav responds:

Hm... Trying to figure out what this means...

Oh, ok, I see. So you want more harmonic tones in the break? Cool, I can do!

Thanks for the review! :)

Never talk shit...

... about my low quality submissions EVER AGAIN.

You will NEVER live this down. EVAR.

These guys CLEARLY weren't on enough black tar opium to be "grunge"

But seriously, the guitar playing was just sloppy. Not grunge sloppy... that's compositional, but just "I clearly have no plan on what I'm going to play" sloppy.

I know, because I've recorded HUGE PILES of sloppy music before and... yeah. You can actually HEAR the little delays in the rhythm stream where the guitarist is trying to figure out what the fuck to play.

And is it REALLY grunge without live drums? Don't answer that one; it's rhetorical, ie, NO. NO NO NO.

Silly techno guys! Leave the live recordings to us pros!

That being said.. .10'd 5'd, because my heart is full of hatred... at all times... for all things....

Everything but the speed grind....

you did a good job of breaking up rhythms here, but where's the speed grind? Whats the point of playing slow if you can't pop out the16th and 32nd notes? You've got tone issues going on; it sounds like you bastardized a good live recording by letting some gay post production program get it's filthy hands on it.

Slightly repetitive....

And there weren't a whole lot of good breakdowns, either. I mean, it's cool you can transpose, and the finger roll technique you're using is nice, but all it takes is a little rhythmic variation to make this song have a lot more grasp to it. Then again, that probably only makes so much sense to me because I'm a drummer as opposed to a guitar player.

Kiddmeizter responds:

Yeah, You're right about the making sense to Drummers, I'm completely Retarded When it comes to Rhythm, Time Signatures and Shit.

I have no Idea what you're talking about :P

Impressive guitars...

But the drums sound... blank. Like, either he didn't give a shit that he sounded stock, or maybe just programmed drums by a guy who didn't know much about syncopation.

Don't get me wrong; Guitars->GREAT there's nothing *wrong* with the drums, so much as they just don't seem to be balancing with the guitars as far as composition goes, which makes this song kind of lopsided in my head. The same thing could also be said of the bass in this song, namely, where is it?

Still, a great thrashy piece.

Sometimes a small pneumatic combustion cannon is the right tool for the job. At least when the job is spraying blood and gore into a fine mist, anyways.

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