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While crunk, this lacks a big lead.

The beat's crunk, but there just aren't enough big hooks in this song. I kept waiting for the mind blowing part, and it just wasn't in there. There was a bad solo at 1:52, but that's WAY too deep in the song for that to pop up. I wanted to hear that about 30 sec in, and longer.

I think you could kick this one up a couple notches before adding lyrics.

superuberinsaneausm responds:

ive been trying to, my my freind will rap over this someday hopefully someday and ill sing the chorus, your right the song did need a bridge or a breakdown just i had to do this in one sitting and really didnt have enough time to think of something more

Nice layering.

I really like it when someone's capable of making something with a good melody, but ALSO knows how to support that melody with simple supports and applied rhythm technique. The compression on the bass drum was a little weird, but it helped tie the piece together so I can't knock it. I know a lot of european trance music specializes in that.

superuberinsaneausm responds:

thanks, for reviewing glad ya liked it.

It's just Beverly Hills Cop with a phazer on it.

C'mon, man, that phazer is killing that stolen midi. And where's the beat in the mix? I... I ... ALMOST hear a beat.... almost. Mainly I hear... phazer. You can't just put effects on things and call it putting a song together.

paradimensional responds:

Ouch. Okay then

You just won the game.

Congratulations on achieving randawm.

Will responds:

your name should be FUCKbrs

Someone's got the "wow" factor figured out.

So many guys are so busy trying to sound clean they just don't get how different types of noise can add nuance to things. White noise makes everything much more real, because reality lacks definition.

Nice use of background layers, BTW. It's a nice use of subtlety. Would be a ten, but it sounded kind of dull. I think that's intentional, but I'd prefer somthing that pushes it's own envelope a little bit more.

Rucklo responds:

not exactly sure how you mean by dull, but i'm no pro engineer, so yeah...
when it comes to thicken an instrument up, it's all about layering it the right way, just like you'd double a guitar or whatever.
thanks alot for the review man, appreciate it alot! ^___________^

Harder better faster stronger....

Good, but too much like Harder Better Faster Stronger.

That song achieves this goal better.

Also, yargh on the lack of tight hooks.

Yow... too much repetition.

Kudos on the funky beat, but it's just the same line of guitar over and over again. And noone's fooled by the lack of real bass, either.

I notice that about a lot of submissions, though. Apparently bassists are a much maligned group... I'm lucky to have worked with so many good ones.

I could wish for more nuance in the drums....

The instrumentation was clearly masterful, but the drums lacked dynamic and had too blank of a grind. You could have made things more complex with the ride without giving up that good double bass massage sound.

Syncopation is your friend, and not just in the slow parts. You can syncopate extremely quickly in a pattern so fast it can be used as a piece of a straight pattern. It's easier to understand how a line of melody fits into a chord, but rhthyms kick ass that way.

Blah, I'm preachy.

Yngwie Malmsteen all the way.

masheenH3ad responds:

That's Cool! I have No problem with your observations. As a matter of fact, I will take them into my considerations. Thanks! I learned a lot in your review.

Shame.... SHAME I SAY!!!

Ok, so you're not a great guitarist, whatever, BUT WHERE'S THE BADASS BASS TRACK?

You, sir, have betrayed the ENTIRE RHYTHM SECTION.

From this day forward, may your name be recorded in the annals of the lazy, who, NOT ONLY failed to apply awesome to his native instrument in the recording, ALSO failed to do so for a fellow BROTHER in the rhythm section.

Guitar's not bad. A little blankly "Blackety black"

Not horrible... but it could do with a little more range in the variation instead of just repeated patterns.

SymbolCymbal responds:

LOL best review yet.. yeah i def boned on this one.. i think this one sucks so bad im not even gonna go back and fix it

Not enough drums.

It wasn't bad, but the mix was way off. WAAAAY too much guitar, not enough bass and drums going on.

The guitars are good, but a little pretentious. I know this sounds weird, but you need more silence in the recording. The whole song was one slow solid chunk of notes, and there wasn't anything fast to balance it.

There was no real rhythm guitar going on, just two leads, and it makes it a little overwrought. It would probably work better at twice that speed, but that slow.... argh.

masheenH3ad responds:

Thank you for your keen observation. I will take it into my consideration. ;)

I ain't snitching on myself no more. If you don't know you better ask somebody.

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